European Research Centre for Small Farms
al. Mickiewicza 21
31-120 Kraków
tel./fax: (+48) 12 662 43 71

European Research Centre for Small Farms of the University of Agriculture in Krakow was established in 1 March, 2012. Its aim is coordination and realization of research, conducting analyses, providing expertise, guidelines and training, but also organization of conferences and scientific seminars on running and transformation of small farms and rural development in Europe, particularly in the European Union.
Concerning the research, the Centre formula is open to allow realization of projects directly or indirectly addressing the issues of rural areas and small farms functioning.
The tasks realized by the Centre comprise:

  • assessment of developing economic, regional, local and common policy for rural development and sustainable;
  • development of agriculture, especially small farms under diversified natural and socio-economic conditions analysis and assessment of small farms with particular regard to:

• diversification of sources of income
• undertaking economic activities and entrepreneurship of small farm owners
• management under conditions of market economy
• horizontal and vertical integration, their modernisation and innovativeness
• marketing of agricultural products
• advisory for small farms, rural communities and off-farm entrepreneurship

  • development of local and regional products
  • agricultural land management, agrarian and structural transformations in regions with dispersed
  • agriculture
  • protection of the environment and supporting sustainable rural development
  • economics of production and efficiency of small farms
  • problems of plant and livestock production development on small farms
  • institutional environment of small agricultural farms and agribusiness
  • changes in agrosystems and landscape of regions where small farms prevail
  • innovativeness and IT implementation on farms, production and services, agricultural turnover
  • forestry production and craft wood processing
  • the use of alternative sources of energy as a chance to improve energy security of rural households.

The Centre is managed by the Programme Board and the Director of the Centre. For popularization and
international exchange of research results, European Research Centre of Small Farms at the University of Agriculture in Krakow brought into being Zeszyty Naukowe (Scientific Journal), Series – Problemy drobnych gospodarstw rolnych – Problems of Small Farms. This series will present original research results from various Scientific Centres in the European Union and rest of Europe referring to small farms. Eminent researchers and practitioners were asked for contribution.

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