Study in English

The Faculty of Agriculture and Economics starts the new edition of undergraduate in English – AGRICULTURE.

The undergraduate programe lasts 3.5 years (7 semesters).
The syllabus bases on essential and general subjects, such as: botany, chemistry, plant physiology or economics and thematic areas (modules) addressing a variety of issues, including technical, bases of agriculture, agricultural production, horticultural production, livestock production, and agricultural economics module.
Each module is composed of lectures, seminars and lab classes. About one third of all courses is optional. The program provides also an opportunity to learn Polish language and culture.
Students' progress is evaluated on the basis of their active participation in and contribution to the programme. After completion of this Bachelor programme, the graduate will be awarded the Professional title of inżynier (engineer) with a note that the programme was taught in English.
The graduates may follow their education in postgraduate (second cycle) programme Agroecology and also in PhD programme.

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